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Speech Debate

Assistant Coach: Shiara Caubarreaux 

The Central High School Speech and Debate Team is the largest, most comprehensive speech and debate program in Western Colorado. Our team is composed of a group of students who prepare for and travel around the state to compete against other schools in speech-related events. There are usually ten events at each tournament, and some examples of events include Public Forum Debate, Interpretation of Poetry, Humor, and Student Congress. Our team members compete against students from several other high schools at each tournament, usually in at least three rounds throughout the day (similar to the structure of a track meet).

We meet on Tuesdays and sometimes Wednesdays after school in my room (302) and in the library, and most team members are also enrolled in the Forensics II class during the 8th block, 2nd semester. Our season begins in early November and extends to late March with the potential for a few students to go to the national tournament in June. It is not unusual for students to join the team throughout the year as interest is often stimulated during my speech classes, so we just pick them up along the way!

High school speech and debate is an invaluable experience for those who participate in it. From building confidence to teaching about current global issues to developing advanced communication and networking skills, speech programs offer what no other activity can. In the past fifteen years, the Central High School Speech and Debate Team has earned 88,000+ National Forensic League points, which equates to over 14,000 individual debate wins in a competition! Hundreds of students have traveled the highways of Colorado aboard school buses, arriving at each tournament ready to face the challenge of defeating the best and brightest competitors in the region. A select few have even made the trip to State and Nationals. Over the last decade and a half, the team has witnessed over 30 students place at the Colorado High School Activities Association State Championships, including being runners-up to a state title in debate four times. Cities around the nation have welcomed over 30 members of our team to the National Championships over the last ten of eleven years, and, on three occasions, students advanced beyond preliminary rounds to rank themselves among the best in the country!

Speech and debate truly are one of the most rewarding, fun, low-cost activities any high school student can participate in. Contact Mr. Bichler if you would like to know more about this awesome opportunity!

For more information or to join please contact Mr. Bichler: