Math, Engineering, and Science Achievement

M.E.S.A. stands for "Math, Engineering, and Science Achievement." It is a national program with a strong state program to back it up. The intent of the program is to encourage "under-represented" elements in the population to consider careers in the technical fields. Basically, that means encouraging minority and female students.

Our program is based on four elements: help with academic issues at CHS, visits to local technology-related businesses (to see what's out there) and state and local contests to practice engineering skills. At CHS, we host a couple of contests for middle school students and help other schools with their contests.

M.E.S.A. Program Offers:

  • Student Involvement
  • Parental/Guardian Support
  • Science, Technology, Math, & Engineering (STEM) Based Project Activities
  • Industry Involvement/Presenters
  • Field Trips to College/University Campuses and Business/Industry/Government Institutions
  • MESA Day Design Challenges
  • Advisor (teacher) Professional Development Training
  • Career and College Exploration including Scholarship Opportunities*
  • Summer Enrichment Camps

*Additionally, we occasionally are able to help graduating students find scholarships. For more information please visit:

For more information or to join please contact Mr. Peterson in Room 107 or email at