Central Warriors Girls' Basketball

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This year, thanks to a generous grant from the Lions Club, the team has all new gear.  We are very excited about the new uniforms and equipment.  In an effort to ensure that we will be able to use this gear for years to come we have added a deposit to your daughter's SBA account.  This deposit will be removed when all equipment is returned in the same condition that it was checked out.  During the last week of November your daughter brought home a checklist with a signature page.  We ask that you please return the signature page and keep the checklist to help you gather the gear to be turned in at the end of the season.

A copy of the checklist can be found on the documents link on the homepage.

We need your help in two of our major sources of revenue for the basketball program.  The best part about both of these programs is that these businesses donate to us for shopping you were going to do anyway.  At no additional cost to you.  

These programs rely on VOLUME in order for us to receive revenue that will be of any practical use so PLEASE sign up.  Both programs have open enrollment with no restrictions on the number of members.  If you have friends, family, neighbors, or anyone that you feel might be interested in supporting your daughter please share this information with them as well.

1.The CityMarket Community Rewards Program 

City Market will donate roughly 5% of all purchases made at their stores when shoppers register their membership cards to our program.  The "organization number" has changed since last year, you will need to CHANGE YOUR NUMBER if you are already registered.  

Our new number is MT765.

To sign up (or to update your organization number) click this link and follow the instructions in this video.

2.  FlipGive
Businesses that are members of the FlipGive network will donate a portion of purchases to our program.  The FlipGive network is HUGE and includes retailers such as Wal-Mart, Under Armor, Nike, Hotels.com, and more.

Use this link to join FlipGive.  
Video instructions are HERE.
Use the join code:

Please be sure to edit your privacy settings.  Additional tips on how to make the most of FlipGive can be found HERE.

PLEASE be sure to make your first purchase within 7 days of signing up and we will receive a BONUS $5.

Sign up additional friends and family that might be interested in supporting your daughter at NO COST, just a little time commitment to follow the signup instructions. 

Thank you for your help.