Future Jobs

Future Jobs


Sociologists are professionals with a master's or doctoral degree in their field. They focus on understanding social groupings and behavior and may be involved in research or make recommendations about how to address specific issues in society. Since their work focuses on understanding how society can influence behavior, they work within the field of social studies.


Historians research the past and educate people about historic events, artifacts or developments. Their work focuses on civilizations and incidents involving people in the past, which is why it falls within the social studies field. They might use the data from their research to form conclusions about why a society relocated or how cultural beliefs in a particular group evolved. They may need a doctoral degree, although it is possible to enter this field with a master's degree in history.

Postsecondary Teachers

Postsecondary teachers instruct college and university students in a specific subject they've specialized in. They typically need a doctoral degree, although entry-level positions may be obtained with a master's degree in some cases. Postsecondary teachers who instruct students in subjects such as criminology or history spend their career focused on social studies. As part of their work, postsecondary teachers usually also participate in research related to their specialty.

Anthropologists and Archeologists
Anthropologists and archeologists must have a master's or doctoral degree to work in their field. While archeologists may be involved in recovering historic artifacts from dig sites around the world, anthropologists focus on how humans have developed over time. Archeologists and anthropologists help discover evidence that relates to how cultures have evolved, how significant events have impacted people's behavior, and how social constructs, such as politics, have developed. Since they focus on issues related to society and behavior, they work within the field of social studies.

Political Scientists

Political scientists focus on the history and development of political systems. They may research political ideologies or study how political trends have evolved over time. They are social science professionals because understanding how politics shape society and impact individual and group behavior is part of what political scientists focus on. They are professionals with master's or doctoral degrees who perform research, analyze the information gained from their research, and use that data to develop predictions about the effects of political policies or structures.

Market Research Analysts

With a bachelor's degree, it's possible to become a market research analyst. Market research analysts examine consumer demographics, along with data collected from opinion polls and surveys, and then use what they learn to make recommendations about actions companies should or should not take. For example, they may recommend that a new product be developed and provide pertinent information about the customers they expect would be interested in that product. Market research analysts are professionals who focus on understanding what influences the purchasing decisions people make and the economic variables that should be considered when making business decisions. Since they focus on determining financial and societal factors that can affect consumer choices, their work involves the use of social studies.