Kelly Bennet

River Dynamics, Block 1 pzdq75t
Environmental Science, Block 2 fz6b4od
Environmental Science, Block 5 vstqijk
Environmental Science, Block 6 w2oymwr
Environmental Science, Block 7 kndtbeg
Environmental Science, Block 8 7ud3zqh

Olivia Bruner

AP Biology mj4drdz
Biology Block 5 e7hd4t6
Biology Block 7 543rq6g
Honors Biology Block 6 dm532ip
Honors Biology Block 8 cevysai

Lee Harrison

Environmental Science Block 1 gj6brtv
Environmental Science Block 2 7ifgyks
Environmental Science Block 5 or4fdly
Physics c5ey3wm
Environmental Science Block 7 xxvle3u
Environmental Science 3qzg17s

PJ Janssen

1st Hon Environmental h6rkecx
2nd Hon Environmental gtgwfet
3rd 4th APES 5kqbega
7th 8th APES 6mrhdx7

Home Science Requirements Course Description Standards


Pre-AP Biology

Homework is updated on StudentVUE

Ms. Deuel

Mrs. Kayton

AP Biology

Homework is updated on StudentVUE

Ms. Deuel

Lab: Pre-Thinking Worksheet

Lab Write-up: Expectations and Scoring Guide

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REC Club is BACK!!

Recreation, Ecology and Conservation

This club is based on getting outside, stewardship, and environmental fun!!

Spring Break 2017

Trip is open to all CHS students

Hiking Check out the REC Club Bulletin Board outside of room 210. Get signed up for outings and become a member.

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